On 12/2/13 11:59 AM, Joe Stein wrote:
+1 If we can get most of this release preparation stuff automated, then
we can iterate on it in a release branch before tagging and voting.
Agreed, not a show stopper.
The LICENSE file in both the src and binary downloads includes "SBT
LICENSE" at the end. I could be wrong, but I think the src download
should include the SBT licnese and the binary download should include
the Scala license. Since we have released in the past without proper
licensing, it's probably not a huge deal to do it again (but we should
fix it).
No I don't think it's a show stopper. But to Neha's point, a painless
Maven/Ivy/SBT/Gradle integration is important since this is how most
users interface with Kafka. That said, ZooKeeper is what's pulling in
these troublesome deps and it doesn't stop people from using ZooKeeper.
I can live with this.
No clue... maybe? I run into these deps all the time when dealing with

Does one -1 kill the vote? I'm mainly trying to be the squeaky wheel
here ;) - I'd rather not hold up the release and just fix these issues
for 0.8.1.
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