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Well, not exactly it would be under the hood the event name just gets
passed into the key the actual mapping action of which partition it goes to
is handled by Kafka
It is transparent the only change on the producer side is instead of
KeyedMessage("topicname",message) you do
KeyedMessage("topicname",message,"eventName") and then have the configs
setup right

The client end has to-do some level of effort to integrate so its not much
more than an additional config set and one more param in the constructor
Well your client would have to share the same ZooKeeper (assuming 0.8)
instances also this is not going to be fantastic over a WAN assuming your
mention/meaning of "client" is another infrastructure?

If my thought of you having another infrastructure posting to you my
suggestion would be to front this with a REST based service and have them
post you some JSON or something and then within your interface public
facing tier then send/produce that into Kafka.
This is handled for you by 0.8 now under the hood

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