I think we may be saying the same thing. I am differentiating between
regular contributors (who are likely committers) and first-time

What I am saying is that if I had made some small change to a piece of open
source software and they asked me to install some new software to give them
the patch I would probably not bother to do that. The argument that if I
did do it it might be lower friction over the long run could be true but it
basically doesn't matter...I'm not going to bother learning their custom
thing to find out. I feel the same way about any project using mecurial or
bazaar--these may be superior tools but the burden of learning esoteric
stuff just to contribute to one project isn't worth it. I really think the
right thing to do is to require as little as possible from first-time
contributors and do the leg work ourselves. If they later end up doing a
bigger project we can ask them to switch to the better tooling.

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