I think there would be many advantages to having a REST API in Kafka, as
a core component. Not just for data services (producing/consuming
messages), but also for admin. I could imagine a Kafka web console that
showed various stats, allowed for maintenance operations, showed pretty
viz of the cluster, etc.

The REST prototype I put together using Jetty was really a simplistic
POC. In reality, more modern web techniques like chunked transfer
encoding and streaming should be used for high throughput (in, and out).
Netty would probably be a good choice for a networking library.

I'd be willing to bet that a sufficiently high performance and easy to
use REST API could put a lot of the 3rd party client libraries out of
business, so-to-speak.

To more directly answer your question, Jay, I think if something like
this is done it should be done as a top-level component in Kafka. Is
contrib even maintained/updated anymore? Hasn't Camus supplanted the
hadoop stuff?

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