Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting and useful study. A few comments:

1. For existing 0.7 users, we have a migration tool that mirrors data from
an 0.7 cluster to an 0.8 cluster. Applications can upgrade to 0.8 by
upgrading consumers first, followed by producers.

2. Have you looked at the Kafka ApacheCon slides (
http://www.slideshare.net/junrao/kafka-replication-apachecon2013)? Towards
the end, there are some performance numbers too. The figure for throughput
vs #producer is different from what you have. Not sure if this is because
that you have turned on compression.

3. Not sure that I understand the difference btw the first 2 graphs in the
latency section. What's different btw the 2 tests?

4. Post 0.8, we plan to improve the producer side throughput by
implementing non-blocking socket on the client side.

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