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Subject: Producer not distributing across all partitions
I created a topic with 4 partitions and for some reason the producer is
pushing only to one partition.

This is consistently happening across all topics that I created ...

Is there a specific configuration that I need to apply to ensure that load
is evenly distributed across all partitions?
Group           Topic                          Pid Offset          logSize
        Lag             Owner
perfgroup1      perfpayload1                   0   10965           11220
        255             perfgroup1_XXXX-0
perfgroup1      perfpayload1                   1   0               0
        0               perfgroup1_XXXX-1
perfgroup1      perfpayload1                   2   0               0
        0               perfgroup1_XXXXX-2
perfgroup1      perfpayload1                   3   0               0
        0               perfgroup1_XXXXX-3

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