It's worth mentioning that we are interested in exploring potential
generalizations of the producer and consumer API, but as a practical matter
most of the committers are working on getting a stable 0.8 release out the
door. So an improved consumer and producer api would be a 0.9 feature.

If you have a concrete thing you are trying to do now that is awkward it
would be great to hear about the use case.

Possible goals of improving the apis and client impls would include the

1. Include the offset in the information returned to the producer
2. Pipeline producer requests to improve throughput for synchronous

1. Simplify api while supporting various advanced use cases like
multi-stream consumption
2. Make partition assignment optional and server-side (this is currently
the difference between the zk consumer and the simple consumer)
3. Make offset management optional
4. Remove threading from the consumer
5. Simplify consumer memory management

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