My zookeeper node in Kafka is storing the data for a partition like this:

{ "controller_epoch":3, "isr":[ 1, 3 ], "leader":1, "leader_epoch":1,
"version":1 }

So what I am thinking is the command *bin/kafka-list-topic.sh *uses the
above data from zookeeper in fetching the its output* + *some additional
info the command provides is replicas.

The  command output is like this:

topic: newTopic    partition: 0    leader: 1    replicas: 3,1    isr: 1,3
topic: newTopic    partition: 1    leader: 3    replicas: 1,3    isr: 3,1

1.So where from the replicas details the command(bin/kafka-list-topic.sh)

2. When I am stopping my broker-3,it should be removed from "isr":[1,3] of
zookeeper,as broker-3 is no more a living node now.But it is not getting
removed from there and might be thats why I am getting the
command(bin/kafka-list-topic.sh) as below:

topic: newTopic    partition: 0    leader: 1    replicas: 3,1    isr: 1,3
topic: newTopic    partition: 1    leader: 1    replicas: 1,3    isr: 1,3

*which is not correct*.

Please help in understanding the behaviour and output.


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