Hi, Tom,

Thanks for the KIP.  +1. Just a couple of minor comments below.

1. The KIP has "INVALID_PARTITIONS (37) If the partition count was <= the
current partition count for the topic." We probably want to add one more
constraint: # of replicas in each new partition has to be the same as the
existing replication factor for the topic.
2. The KIP has the following.

   - REASSIGNMENT_IN_PROGRESS (new) If a partition reassignment is in
progress. It is necessary to prevent increasing partitions at the same
time so that we can be sure the partition has a meaningful replication
Currently, it's possible to increase the partition count while a
partition reassignment is in progress (adding partitions is much
cheaper than partition reassignment). On the other hand, if a topic is
being deleted, we will prevent adding new partitions. So, we probably
want to do the same in the KIP.

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