Hi Joe,

I'm trying to reproduce it with the Vagrant setup you provided. Thanks for
setting that up! I should also need to run the sbt commands from the README
to build Kafka, right?

You included the output from "bin/kafka-list-topic.sh". Based on the
problem I've described, this wouldn't show the issue, would it? If I'm
reading the source right, this command only queries ZooKeeper, while the
problem that I'm seeing is in the metadata reported by the brokers.

I am using the Oracle JDK, version 1.6.0_45.

I'm not sure what you mean by having one topic for the 15 partitions. The
single topic I used as an example has 15 partitions. I have two other
topics with the same number of partitions and replicas, and they exhibit
the same problem.

I'll keep trying to reproduce it with the Vagrant setup.


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