My kafka (0.8) server went down today for unknown reason and when I
restarted both zookeeper and kafka server I got the following error at
the kafka server log:

[2013-03-19 13:39:16,131] INFO [Partition state machine on Controller
1]: Invoking state change to OnlinePartition for partitions
[2013-03-19 13:39:16,262] INFO [Partition state machine on Controller
1]: Electing leader for partition
[topic_a937ac27-1883-4ca0-95bc-c9a740d08947, 0]
[2013-03-19 13:39:16,451] ERROR [Partition state machine on Controller
1]: State change for partition
[topic_a937ac27-1883-4ca0-95bc-c9a740d08947, 0] from OfflinePartition
to OnlinePartition failed (kafka.controller.PartitionStateMachine)
kafka.common.PartitionOfflineException: All replicas for partition
[topic_a937ac27-1883-4ca0-95bc-c9a740d08947, 0] are dead. Marking this
partition offline
        at kafka.controller.PartitionStateMachine.electLeaderForPartition(PartitionStateMachine.scala:300)
Caused by: kafka.common.PartitionOfflineException: No replica for
partition ([topic_a937ac27-1883-4ca0-95bc-c9a740d08947, 0]) is alive.
Live brokers are: [Set()], Assigned replicas are: [List(1)]

I am using one single server to host kafka and zookeeper. Replication
factor is set to 1.

This happened for all the existing topics. Not sure how this happened
but it appeared to be a bug. I did some search and the only possible
fix for this bug seems to be KAFKA-708.

Any comments on this?  Thanks!


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