broker nodes have to treated equally? Ie: All broker nodes will have the
same topics and number of partitions for each topic?

All the brokers behind the same hardware load balancer or virtual IP will
be treated equally.

this configuration how can the hardware load balancer direct the messages
to the right broker for a given topic? We were thinking that we might be
able to do this by having a different VIP's per topic. How do you guys do

It is tricky to selectively host topics on a subset of brokers in 0.7. You
need to create the right directory structure for every topic/partition and
bounce the broker. But I'm wondering why you would want to selectively host
topics on certain brokers. Is the purpose being able to host more topics on
the same cluster? In 0.7, an easier strategy is to logically categorize
classes of topics and host topics from the same class on a separate
cluster. But this strategy of course only works if there are fewer such
categories of topics.

zookeeper? The only reason that I could think of was to offload traffic
from the zookeeper cluster. Are there any other advantages to using a
hardware load balancer?

We have several thousand producers that talk to various Kafka clusters. At
that rate, zookeeper becomes the bottleneck. On the other hand, hardware
load balancers are designed to load balance thousands of connections across
machines, so that works better.

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