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Subject: Using Vagrant with Apache Kafka 0.8.0
Hi all, I have been using Vagrant <> a lot
recently and had the need/desire to build an Apache Kafka cluster with
Vagrant for some recent client work.

Vagrant allows you to script virtual machines for easy spin up and tear
down for complete environments for development and testing.

I posted a patch for 0.8.1 and
also made it available for the existing 0.8.0 release so folks could use it for the
development and testing if they wanted today.

If your interested in giving it a try I wrote up a quick how to
is also in the new vagrant folder's readme file)  take a look and
let me know, feedback always welcomed.


 Joe Stein
 Founder, Principal Consultant
 Big Data Open Source Security LLC
 Twitter: @allthingshadoop <>

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