Hi all,

I'm considering to use the Kafka as a low-latency message system. I want to have a system, that is able to minimise the delay between sending from producer and reading from consumer. I created a test on localhost, I created one consumer & producer and I send messages measuring the latency an it seems to be very low: ~5 millis.

My question is, it Kafka meant to used as this? One of the use-case that Kafka website suggests is activity-stream, that is, a use-case, that is in real-time, but if the latency is like 1 second, it is not an issue. My use-case is more something like chat room.

The subtitle of Kafka says: "A high-throughput distributed messaging system.", does it apply for all the  Kafka versions or did Kafka changed over the time? There is a thread in the archive named "end-to-end latency in kafka 0.8", It looks like it might be the case, that the Kafka is capable/targeting to do low-latency messaging.

Thanks for reading,
Jakub Ryška
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