our message content as below :

ry&&reason:&&CALayer position contains NaN: [3.32887e-09
nan]&&callStackSymbols:&&0   CoreFoundation                      0x326f93ff
redacted>   186&&1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x3a3f4963
objc_exception_throw   30&&2   CoreFoundation
 0x326f9307 <redacted>   106&&3   QuartzCore
0x342b610b <redacted>   210&&4   QuartzCore
     0x342b6033 <redacted>   50&&5   QuartzCore
0x342b5fc7 <redacted>   558&&6   UIKit
        0x34509bd7 <redacted>   234&&7
UIKit                               0x34509901 <redacted>   184&&8   UIKit
            0x3450983f <redacted>   46&&9   测试测试
0x0016877b -[SGOfficerView setArmorWithXMLId:level:withTag
0x0016e055 -[SGOfficerChangeEquipViewController tap:]   5508&&1
1  测试测试                        0x0018ed97 -[SGTipMessageView
touchesEnded:withEvent:]   158&&12  测试测试                        0
x0012713f -[SGEquipView touchesEnded:withEvent:]   66&&13
UIKit                               0x34511471 <redacted>   5680&&14  CoreF
oundation                      0x326ce941 <redacted>   20&&15
CoreFoundation                      0x326ccc39 <redacted>   276&&16  Co
reFoundation                      0x326ccf93 <redacted>   746&&17
CoreFoundation                      0x3264023d CFRunLoopRunSpecific
   356&&18  CoreFoundation                      0x326400c9
CFRunLoopRunInMode   104&&19  GraphicsServices                    0x3621f33
b GSEventRunModal   74&&20  UIKit                               0x3455c2b9
UIApplicationMain   1120&&21  测试测试
   0x001c771f main   74&&22  测试测试                        0x00059904 start
when commit the message to kafka service , kafka remove the topic directory
unexpectedly and throw "can't find the topic dir"  error.

is there some content in the message will cause this  ? and how to avoid
this issue ?

thanks very in advance !

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