Hey guys,

Sriram and I took another pass at the site and documentation:

This includes the following changes:
1. New logo!
2. Get rid of blue header
3. New font (Google webfont, Source Sans Pro)
4. Update the information on the design section to cover 0.8.
5. Move to a single giant page for documentation. The idea here is to
gather together all the information into a kind of pseudo manual. This
helps trim down the side nav and is hopefully better.
6. Primary documentation now links to 0.8 with a link back to the older
docs for those who want it.
7. intro and use case link now link into the uber-documentation page. This
is a little weird, not sure what to do about it.

There is is still a fair amount left to do:
1. Implementation section needs to be updated for 0.8
2. Tools section should ideally cover the full set of tools

Let me know if you see anything broken.

Sriram I took another editing pass after your changes. Neha and Jun it
would be great if you could review at least the replication section Sriram
and I added to see if there is anything you would change.


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