I'm working on trying on having seamless rolling restarts for my kafka
servers, running 0.8.  I have it so that each server will be restarted
sequentially.  Each server takes itself out of the load balancer (e.g. sets
a status that the lb will recognize, and then waits more than long enough
for the lb to stop sending meta-data requests to that server).  Then I
initiate the shutdown (with controlled.shutdown.enable=true).  This seems
to work well, however, I occasionally see warnings like this in the log
from the server, after restart:

2013-06-23 08:28:46,770  WARN [kafka-request-handler-2] server.KafkaApis -
[KafkaApi-508818741] Produce request with correlation id 7136261 from
client  on partition [mytopic,0] failed due to Leader not local for
partition [mytopic,0] on broker 508818741

This WARN seems to persistently repeat, until the producer client initiates
a new meta-data request (e.g. every 10 minutes, by default).  However, the
producer doesn't log any errors/exceptions when the server is logging this

What's happening here?  Is the message silently being forwarded on to the
correct leader for the partition?  Is the message dropped?  Are these WARNS
particularly useful?



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