The problem appears to be that we are resizing a memory mapped file which
it looks like windows does not allow (which is kind of sucky).

The offending method is OffsetIndex.resize().

The most obvious fix would be to first unmap the file, then resize, then
remap it. We can't do this though because Java actually doesn't support
unmapping files (it does this lazily with garbage collection, which really
sucks). In fact as far as I know there is NO way to guarantee an unmap
occurs at a particular time, so if this is correct and windows doesn't
allow resizing then this combination of suckiness means that there is no
way to resize a file that has ever been mapped short of closing the process.

I actually don't have access to a windows machine so it is a little hard
for me to test this. The question is whether there is any work around. I am
happy to change that method but we do need to be able to resize memory
mapped files.
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