During my due diligence to assess use of Kafka for both our activity and log message streams, I would like to ask the project committers and community users about using Kafka with Node.js. Yes, I am aware that a Kafka client exists for Node.js (https://github.com/marcuswestin/node-kafka), which has spurred further interest by our front-end team. Here are my questions, excuse me if they seem "noobish".

1. How reliable is the Node.js client (https://github.com/marcuswestin/node-kafka) in production applications? If there are issues, what are they (the GitHub repo currently lists none)?
2. To support real-time activity streams within Node.js, what is the recommended consumer polling interval?
3. General advise observations on integrating a front-end based Node.js application with Kafka mediated messaging.

Thanks you!


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