I don't  know if I have a way to see the access logs on the LB......(still
trying to track that down).

One thing I do see though, is that there are fetch requests from consumers,
that are then followed by these Topic creation log messages, e.g. (replaced
some of the specific strings in this log line :))

2013-11-04 23:28:07,828  WARN [kafka-request-handler-1] server.KafkaApis -
[KafkaApi-10] Fetch request with correlation id 0 from client
on partition [mytopic,0] failed due to Partition [mytopic,0] doesn't exist
on 10
2013-11-04 23:28:07,847  INFO [kafka-request-handler-7] admin.AdminUtils$ -
Topic creation { "partitions":{ "0":[ 10, 9 ] }, "version":1 }

It's hard to say whether there's a correlation between these 2 log lines
(since the 'Topic creation' log line doesn't include the name of the topic.
 Shouldn't it?).

Could a fetch request from a consumer cause a Topic creation request (seems

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