To be clear, this whole discussion was started, because I am clearly seeing
"failed due to Leader not local" on the last broker restarted, after all
the controlled shutting down has completed and all brokers restarted.

This leads me to believe that a client made a meta data request and found
out that server A was the leader for it's partition, and then server A was
restarted, and then the client makes repeated producer requests to server
A, without encountering a broken socket.  Thus, I'm not sure it's correct
that the socket is invalidated in that case after a restart.

Alternatively, could it be that the client (which sends messages to
multiple topics), gets metadata updates for multiple topics, but doesn't
attempt to send a message to topicX until after the leader has changed and
server A has been restarted.  In this case, if it's the first time the
producer sends to topicX, does it only then create a new socket?

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