[0] is an old wiki entry for getting Scala setup for development. After all
huffs and puffs, I gave up getting it loaded in Intellij IDEA. However, I
could get it setup with Eclipse IDE.

Here is what I did:
- Downloaded the Scala IDE for Eclipse from [1]
- Checked out the codebase from git as per [2]
- As per [3], added this line in ${KAFKA_HOME}/project/plugins.sbt at the
addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.sbteclipse" % "sbteclipse-plugin" % "2.2.0")

- Ran: "./sbt clean package eclipse"
- Imported the project using "File" -> "Import" -> "Existing projects into

[0] : https://cwiki.apache.org/KAFKA/developer-setup.html
[1] : http://scala-ide.org/
[2] : http://kafka.apache.org/code.html
[3] : https://github.com/typesafehub/sbteclipse

Tejas Patil

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