Yes I have sent more than 1000 messages to stock-tick and 5 messages to
each topic1 and sample-tick topics.

But now I think I got the reason why the O/P at two places is different:

The Mbeans were registered when I started producer and gave messages to
topics.After producer was killed,still Mbeans were existing in jconsole.

But after some time my Kafka service went down and when it came up again,No
mbeans regarding the mentioned topics were there as I havn't started any
producer this time.

So what I got is Mbeans regarding to a topic and LogFlushDetails of that
topic get register only when Producer/Consumer is started and those mbeans
for a particular topic may never come if Kafka service is restarted and
Producer/Consumer is not started for that topic.Although the
bin/ command will continue showing those topics details.

Please correct me if I am thinking wrong.

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