Sriram, I think I agree. Guozhang's proposal is clever but it exposes a lot
of complexity to the consumer. But I think it is good to have the complete

Chris, we will certainly not mess up the uncompressed case, don't worry. I
think your assumption is that compression needs to be slow. I think where
Sriram and I are coming from is that we think that if snappy can roundtrip
at 400MB/core cpu is not going to be a bottleneck and so this will be
"free". We think the issue you are seeing is really not due to compression
so much as it is due to silliness on our part. Previously that silliness
was on the producer side, where for us it was masked in 0.7 by the fact
that we have like 10,000 producers so the additional cpu wasn't super
noticable; obviously once you centralize that down to a few dozen brokers
the problem becomes quite acute. Even Guozhang's proposal would only remove
the recompression, the decompression is still there.

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