I am getting various kafka parameters (like NumFetchRequests,
FetchRequestsPerSecond, ProduceRequestsPerSecond etc.) through JMX in case
of kafka-0.7.

In kafka-0.8 i am doing the same but not able to get parameters.

There are some changes in reporting metrics in kafka-0.8 as compared to
kafka-0.7. I have already noticed that. According to changes in kafka-0.8 i
am trying to get kafka metrics using JMX through jmxtrans api.

Here is sample java code of getting jmx parameters using jmxtrans api:

       Server kafkaJMXServer = new Server("", "9999");
        Query query1 = new Query();

        JmxProcess process = new JmxProcess(kafkaJMXServer);

Please let me know what i am missing?

*Thanks & Regards*
*Hanish Bansal*

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