This is cool !!! I can't wait to use it.

Some comments:

(1) In [0], "Setup" -> hyperlinks on steps 1 and 2 loop to the same webpage.

(2) I don't have much idea about the right place where the ".reviewboardrc"
file should be, but it would be a good idea to commit it in the codebase
like [1]. Also, add it to .gitignore (like [2]).

(3) How about adding "" to kafka codebase ? With that *maybe*
there won't be any need for JIRA_CMDLINE_HOME.

(4) In

required=False, help='Summary for the reviewboard')
dest='description', required=False

I am wondering if someone doesn't provide a summary and as its an optional
param the script won;t complain. RB dashboard would end up having a bunch
of tickets with no summary or title.

(6) >     print 'Creating reviewboard'
Could this message sound good: "Generating a new review board ticket" ?

(7) Is there a way to specify the "Testing Done" text of RB through this
script ?

[0] :
[1] :
[2] :

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