I am getting a very surprising case :

I am having a 2 nodes Kafka cluster and created some topics.

When I am running the command :

*bin/kafka-list-topic.sh --zookeeper

I am getting the below output:
topic: sample-tick    partition: 0    leader: -1    replicas: 2    isr:
topic: stock-tick    partition: 0    leader: -1    replicas: 2    isr:
topic: topic1    partition: 0    leader: -1    replicas: 2,1    isr:
topic: topic1    partition: 1    leader: -1    replicas: 1,2    isr:
topic: topic1    partition: 2    leader: -1    replicas: 2,1    isr:
topic: topic1    partition: 3    leader: -1    replicas: 1,2    isr:
topic: topic1    partition: 4    leader: -1    replicas: 2,1    isr:

But in my jconsole,no topic is shown in the Mbean regarding any topic.While
earlier I was getting the Mbean like:


I am not getting any clue of this surprised behavior.


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