I have really big wish list(65 pending) but it would be time to focus on

- Small bugs
HIVE-6403 uncorrelated subquery is failing with auto.convert.join=true
HIVE-4790 MapredLocalTask task does not make virtual columns
HIVE-4293 Predicates following UDTF operator are removed by PPD

- Trivials
HIVE-6551 group by after join with skew join optimization references
invalid task sometimes
HIVE-6359 beeline -f fails on scripts with tabs in them.
HIVE-6314 The logging (progress reporting) is too verbose
HIVE-6241 Remove direct reference of Hadoop23Shims inQTestUtil
HIVE-5768 Beeline connection cannot be closed with !close command
HIVE-2752 Index names are case sensitive

- Memory leakage
HIVE-6312 doAs with plain sasl auth should be session aware

- Implementation is not accord with document
HIVE-6129 alter exchange is implemented in inverted manner

I'll update the wiki, too.
2014-03-05 12:18 GMT+09:00 Harish Butani <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
NEW: Monitor These Apps!
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