Hi All,

Currently, if I do the following:

hive -e 'create table a(k1 string, k2 int) TBLPROPERTIES("pi" = "3.14159")'
hive -e 'create table b like a;'
hive -e 'describe extended a;'
hive -e 'describe extended b;'
We see that the table property is not copied over to the definition of
b. Does anyone know if this is by design (i.e. by a principle that
table properties are not table description and so should not be copied
over) or is it a bug? I also notice that there's HIVE-3527, which
added the ability to create TBLPROPERTIES on the table being created,
so I assume it's by design, but I wanted to check if anyone knew/had
strong feelings about it.

I can see a good reason for not copying over tableproperties if
they're used to store specific table state (say backup state/etc), but
I also see a good reason for copying over table properties, with
things like orc, which store table metadata of sorts(like
orc.compress, or stride size, etc) in table properties, which makes a
good case for copying them over  if a person wants to create a table
with similar definitions to the first.


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