Hey There,

Thanks for suggesting the below mentioned links however I am aware of how hadoop works and referred the below links in detail since my inception with Hadoop. My apologies if my earlier email wasn't clear enough to explain my problem statement.

Staring Fresh again!
I have experience in hadoop and worked on Bare metal and cloud implementations of big data e.g. Cloudera HD, Hortonworks HD and Amazon EMR's. During this affair I got a chance to explore Hive, Impala, Sqoop and Pig in detail and processed large data sets residing in HDFS. Also enjoyed playing with Shell Scripts to automate commands and orchestrate processes. All this was batch processing and majorly related to SQL.

Now I want to move with Real-Time implementations and other technologies (mentioned in trailing mails); which definitely need Java Expertise.

I am seeking guidance to learn specific java topics which will be needed for Hadoop only! Links/Posts/courses on the same will be really helpful.

I also look forward to contribute and share my knowledge to the community. :)

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