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Subject: change column type of orc table will throw exception in query time
 Currently, if we change orc format hive table using "alter table orc_table
change c1 c1 bigint ", it will throw exception  from SerDe
cannot be cast to" ) in query time, this
is different behavior from hive (using other file format), where it will
try to perform cast (null value in case of incompatible type).
  I find HIVE-6784 <>
happen to be the same issue with parquet while it says that currently it
works with partitioned table:

  According to my test with hive branch-0.13, it still fail with orc
partitioned table.I think this behavior is unexpected and I'm digging into
the code to find a way to fix it now. Any help is appreciated.

I use the following script to test it with partitioned table on branch-0.13:

use test;
and it throw exception with branch-0.13:

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