Excellent progress David.   So.  What the most important thing here we
learned was that it works (!) by running hive in local mode and that this
error is a limitation in the HiveServer2.  That's important.

so textfile storage handler and having issues converting it to ORC. hmmm.


1. what is your query that fails?

2. can you add a "limit 1" to the end of your query and tell us if that
works? this'll tell us if it's column or row bound.

3. bonus points. run these in local mode:
      > set hive.exec.compress.output=true;
      > set mapred.output.compression.type=BLOCK;
      > set
      > create table blah stored as ORC as select * from <your table>;
#i'm curious if this'll work.
      > show create table blah;  #send output back if previous step worked.

4. extra bonus.  change ORC to SEQUENCEFILE in #3 see if that works any

I'm wondering if compression would have any effect on the size of the
internal ArrayList the thrift server uses.

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