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(Updated April 11, 2013, 11:59 p.m.)
Review request for hive.

Updated bug reference to just contain ID instead of the whole URL.

Adds support for query compilation in Hive Server 2 and adds Thrift support for compile/execute APIs.

This enables scenarios that need to compile a query before it is executed, e.g. and ODBC driver that implements SQLPrepare/SQLExecute. This is commonly used for a client that needs metadata for the query before it is executed.

The patch does not include the auto-generated thrift files per request in the associated JIRA.
This addresses bug HIVE-4321.

  service/if/TCLIService.thrift 4d7e89e
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/CLIService.java b53599b
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/EmbeddedCLIServiceClient.java 38d64c8
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/ICLIService.java 7e863b5
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/operation/ExecuteStatementOperation.java 9a1da59
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/operation/SQLOperation.java 2fee93e
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/session/HiveSessionImpl.java 18594cb
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/thrift/ThriftCLIService.java 43d79aa
  service/src/java/org/apache/hive/service/cli/thrift/ThriftCLIServiceClient.java 5eb6157

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/10425/diff/

Patch does not contain unit tests yet, but we have done some preliminary testing of this through our ODBC driver.

Sarah Parra

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