I have a standalone java app(containerised), it reads data from HDFS, does some transformations and write data to remote storage. I want to make it scalable by launching multiple instances of this java app. My problem is how to assign tasks among these instances. can helix solve this problem?
If yes, can you please help me with following   
   - I referred helix quickstart example and created 1 resource per file but node1 got assigned master for all resources, is it because of simple StateModelDefinition used in quickstart example or I am using it wrong way or is it some limitation of helix  

   - I want to avoid running a separate controller process, so If I run start controller as part of setup will helix be able to elect master controller (in standalone mode), is it advisable to run tens of controllers in distributed mode.  

   - I schedule my app every five minutes using kubernetes cron, is it advisable to use helix for such short lived processes
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