Hi folks,

From what I hear, a lot of devs use the git mirror for development/reviews
and use subversion primarily for checking code in. I was wondering if it
would make more sense just to move to git. In addition to subjective liking
of git, I see the following advantages in our workflow:

   1. Feature branches - it becomes easier to work on them and keep
   rebasing against the latest trunk.
   2. Cherry-picks between branches automatically ensures the exact same
   commit message and tracks the lineage as well.
   3. When cutting new branches and/or updating maven versions etc., it
   allows doing all the work locally before pushing it to the main branch.
   4. Opens us up to potentially using other code-review tools. (Gerrit?)
   5. It is just more convenient.

I am sure this was brought up before in different capacities. I believe the
support for git in ASF is healthy now and several downstream projects have
moved. Again, from what I hear, ASF INFRA folks make the migration process
fairly easy.

What do you all think?


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