Hello everyone

Is there any certification for Hadoop out there - other than the one
from Cloudera?
I've really tried to make it work. But today I was sent to a call center
very far away twice to book the Cloudera DS-200 exam. Tried to make both
of them understand that I currently live in Portugal - difficult because
the computer said Denmark... I was finally able to let the last almost
English speaking person understand that I wished to book June 6th and
not June 26th after shouting so she could hear me all the way to India -
but not able to finalize the booking unless I gave her my CC-details
over the phone. Not going to happen. I've paid the cable bill for
someone one too many times that way.
I also tried to do it online. CC declined - probably because the city I
live in is spelled with a non-US character (ã) and that is not allowed
on the PearsonVUE site. Yes, really.

The exam itself also seems a bit flaky (do they really know what they
want to test?) IMHO and they don't spend time to get back on questions.
This final straw made me drop the whole thing.

So... Any suggestions to a professional and good certification that is
actually worth the money?
best regards
Thomas Bentsen
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