First of all, I want to claim that I used CDH5 beta, and managed project
using maven, and I googled and read a lot, e.g.

I believe the problem is quite common, when we write an MR job, we need
lots of dependencies,
which may not exist in or conflict with HADDOP_CLASSPATH.
There are several options, e.g.
1. add all libraries to my own JAR, and set HADOOP_USER_CLASSPATH_FIRST=true
   This is what I do, which makes the jar very big, and still it doesn't
   e.g. I already packaged guava-16.0.jar in my package, but it still use
guava-11.0.2.jar in the HADDOP_CLASSPATH.
   below is my build configuration.

2. distinguish which library is not present in HADDOP_CLASSPATH, and put it
into DistributedCache
    I think it's hard to distinguish, and still if it conflicts, which
dependency would be precedent?
*What's the best practice, especially using maven?*

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