I have put together this proposal based on recent discussion on this topic.

Please vote on the proposal. The vote runs for 7 days.

   1. Migrate from subversion to git for version control.
   2. Force-push to be disabled on trunk and branch-* branches. Applying
   changes from any of trunk/branch-* to any of branch-* should be through
   "git cherry-pick -x".
   3. Force-push on feature-branches is allowed. Before pulling in a
   feature, the feature-branch should be rebased on latest trunk and the
   changes applied to trunk through "git rebase --onto" or "git cherry-pick
   4. Every time a feature branch is rebased on trunk, a tag that
   identifies the state before the rebase needs to be created (e.g.
   tag_feature_JIRA-2454_2014-08-07_rebase). These tags can be deleted once
   the feature is pulled into trunk and the tags are no longer useful.
   5. The relevance/use of tags stay the same after the migration.


PS: Per Andrew Wang, this should be a "Adoption of New Codebase" kind of
vote and will be Lazy 2/3 majority of PMC members.

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