In-order to learn MapReduce algorithm,I usually try it from scratch.
What I follow is for classification algorithms-

*First I build a model *
*hadoop jar myjar.jar edu.ModelDriver <Modelinput> <Modeloutput>*

*secondly I will write a prediction class in MR*
*hadoop jar myjar.jar edu.PredictDriver <Testinput> <TestOutput>

  *<Modeloutput> is supplied as an argument to get the model results for

Is this a better way ?

or Should I follow the below way -

*hadoop jar myjar.jar edu.Driver train="traininput.txt"
test="testinput.txt" output=outputlocation*
Which is the standard way?
Please suggest

*Thanks & Regards *
*Unmesha Sreeveni U.B*
*Hadoop, Bigdata Developer*
*Center for Cyber Security | Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham*

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