Assuming that the following is your initial questions:
*"My question here is how benefits YARN architecture give me in tems of
analysis that my Microsoft, Netezza of Tableau products are not giving me.
I am just trying to understand value of introducing Hadoop in my
Architecture in terms of Analysis apart from data replication."*

YARN is not 'data storage' (hence replication does not matter her) or even
only just 'Analytics'. It is a framework that allows you to write or
implement applications which are based on distributed architecture. In
pre-Yarn world it was Map/Reduce but in YARN now you can not only work on
Map/Reduce based applications but any other distributed paradigm. YARN
helps you in taking care of lots of boiler-plate plus advance plumbing and
infrastructure concerns usually encountered with parallel distributed

I have not worked in Netezza but from what I understand, Yarn and the
distributed applications build on it are not just for Analytics. They can
be any application which wants to leverage a highly distributed and
parallel architecture and design. So basically YARN is giving you a
environment where you can implement applications using custom (or the
popular Map/Reduce) paradigm to build parallel an distributed applications.

As YARN is open source, so you have much more control over it. You can get
the code and modify it to your own needs which I presume is nota available
or possible in Netezza.

I didn't get what application you are mentioning when you said 'Microsoft'.

Others, experts can chime in.

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