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Subject: Re: Moving to JDK7, JDK8 and new major releases
+1 (non-binding) for 2.5 to be the last release to ensure JDK6.

 >>> My higher-level goal though is to avoid going through this same pain
 >>> again when JDK7 goes EOL. I'd like to do a JDK8-based release
 >>> before then for this reason. This is why I suggested skipping an
 >>> intermediate 2.x+JDK7 release and leapfrogging to 3.0+JDK8.

I'm thinking skipping an intermediate release and leapfrogging to 3.0
makes it difficult to maintain branch-2. It's only about a half year
from 2.2 GA, so we should maintain branch-2 and create bug-fix releases
for long-term even if 3.0+JDK8 is released.


(2014/06/24 17:56), Steve Loughran wrote:
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