Hello hadoop developers,

I just opened two jiras proposing to introduce ConsensusNode into HDFS and
a Coordination Engine into Hadoop Common. The latter should benefit HDFS
and  HBase as well as potentially other projects. See HDFS-6469 and
HADOOP-10641 for details.
The effort is based on the system we built at Wandisco with my colleagues,
who are glad to contribute it to Apache, as quite a few people in the
community expressed interest in this ideas and their potential applications.

We should probably keep technical discussions in the jiras. Here on the dev
list I wanted to touch-base on any logistic issues / questions.
- First of all, any ideas and help are very much welcome.
- We would like to set up a meetup to discuss this if people are
interested. Hadoop Summit next week may be a potential time-place to meet.
Not sure in what form. If not, we can organize one in our San Ramon office
later on.
- The effort may take a few months depending on the contributors schedules.
Would it make sense to open a branch for the ConsensusNode work?
- APIs and the implementation of the Coordination Engine should be a fairly
independent, so it may be reasonable to add it directly to Hadoop Common


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