It's impossible to distinguish uncertainty from concern-trolling on
public lists. "I'm concerned that the right honorable gentleman's rash
may be syphilis. What says the senate?" is not innocent, even if it's
sincere. Speak discreetly to your colleagues, who happen to share your
aversion to corporate billboards in Apache projects.

The solutions to both your "concerns" are obvious. Build on ASF
infrastructure (and volunteer to audit other ecosystem projects, so
others don't feel vindictive). Make the color configurable if it
bothers you. This was completely avoidable.

Correspondingly, shifting the debate from the facts at issue to the
tone in which they're raised is a transparent dodge. The codebase is
more inviting when it's scrubbed of corporate leavings. Maybe the
particular rule is novel, but we agree on this, right? If the
objection is correct, determining whether it was raised _too_strongly_
is not profitably debated here.

Please take this offline. -C

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NEW: Monitor These Apps!
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