Just to make you folks work over the long weekend...

The 1st 0.94.20 RC is available for download at http://people.apache.org/~larsh/hbase-0.94.20-rc0/
Signed with my code signing key: C7CFE328

HBase 0.94.20 is a small bug fix release with 12 fixes:
    [HBASE-10936] - Add zeroByte encoding test
    [HBASE-10958] - [dataloss] Bulk loading with seqids can prevent some log entries from being replayed
    [HBASE-11110] - Ability to load FilterList class is dependent on context classloader
    [HBASE-11143] - Improve replication metrics
    [HBASE-11188] - "Inconsistent configuration" for SchemaMetrics is always shown
    [HBASE-11212] - Fix increment index in KeyValueSortReducer
    [HBASE-11225] - Backport fix for HBASE-10417 'index is not incremented in PutSortReducer#reduce()'
    [HBASE-11247] - [0.94] update maven-site-plugin to 3.3
    [HBASE-11008] - Align bulk load, flush, and compact to require Action.CREATE
    [HBASE-11119] - Update ExportSnapShot to optionally not use a tmp file on external file system
    [HBASE-11128] - Add -target option to ExportSnapshot to export with a different name
    [HBASE-11134] - Add a -list-snapshots option to SnapshotInfo

The list of changes is also available here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?projectId=12310753&version=12326654

Since Apache Jenkins appears to be out on vacation, I built this on my own machine. I ran the full test suite a few times.

Please try out the RC, check out the doc, take it for a spin, etc, and vote +1/-1 by EOD May 30th on whether we should release this as 0.94.20.

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