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Subject: On recent discussion clarifying ASF release policy
Initial Discussion thread:
Clarified Release Policy:

Breaking down the release candidate review requirements, we have:

    Before casting +1 binding votes, individuals are REQUIRED to
    a) download all signed source code packages onto their own hardware,
    b) verify that they meet all requirements of ASF policy on releases,
    c) validate all cryptographic signatures,
    d) compile as provided, and
    e) test the result on their own platform.

Item B is the main difference between the proposed policy and our current
practice. Our Release Managers run the Apache RAT release auditing tool as
part of the process of generating a release candidate, see, but others are not required
to do so. PMC members voting on a release should run RAT too. This can be
done by invoking the 'apache-rat:check' Maven target:

    $ mvn apache-rat:check

Guidance for RC voting in the online manual has been updated accordingly,
please see .

Best regards,
​Your HBase PMC

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