hbase-dev to bcc; adding hive-user. this is a question for the user lists,
and more for Hive's than HBase, as HBaseStorageHandler is code in Hive
project, not HBase.

Hi Sai,

You are embarking into a brave world. Because your aim is the interop
across these different Apache projects, I highly recommend using a vendor's
distribution. The reason being that the vendor has done the work of
certifying interoperability for you, so you won't be left finding bugs in
the edges that aren't well tested in the communities. Notice in the blog
post referenced, I was using a distribution and even then I've found
interop issues.

Hive 0.11 will require you manually specify the HBase jars. Please don't
copy them around, instead use environment variables. You can follow along
with my blog post and set HADOOP_CLASSPATH and HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH
appropriately. You're using HBase 0.96.1, which includes HBASE-8438, so you
can use `hbase mapredcp` instead of itemizing jars manually. This
requirement (hopefully) goes away entirely in Hive 0.13 with HIVE-2379
and HIVE-2055.

Finally, are you using Hive on the CLI or through a web tool (Hue?). The
details change slightly based on all these... details.

Good luck. Keep asking questions. Please file bugs.

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