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I basically did full table scan for hbase:meta by running this(since
cluster has 2-3 regions only): scan 'hbase:meta', {RAW => true, VERSIONS =>
Output of above query shows rows for "hbase:namespace" and "dummy" table.
So, it seems like hbase:meta doesn't have any old data.

Our sysadmin team is still trying to locate all the logs. However, i
remember one error that i resolved. I was related to "hbase.versions" file.
It was some complaint about Protbouf version. I deleted hbase.versions file
and then HBase came up. I'll update this email once i get more details
about error logs.

Here are the steps we followed to migrate:
1. Ran parcel update of CDH
2. Restarted HBase
3. ShutDown HBAse
4. Ran "hbase upgrade -execute"

After reading the upgrade steps, It seems "hbase upgrade -execute" should
have been taken before Restarting HBase?
We have run "hbase upgrade -execute" many times now but its not helping us.
Data of 0.94 tables is still present in HDFS.

Anil Gupta

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Anil Gupta

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