In a year or two you won't be able to buy 1T or even 2T disks cheaply.
More spindles are good more cores are good too. This is a fuzzy art.

A hard fact is that HBase cannot (at the moment) handle more than 8-10T per server with HBase, you'd  just have extra disks for IOPS.
You won't be happy if you expect each server to store 24T.

I would go with more and smaller servers. Some people run two RegionServers on a single machine, but that is not a well explored option at this point (up to recently it needed an HBase patch to work).

You *definitely* have to do some benchmarking with your usecase. You might be able to get away with fewer servers, you need to test for that.

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Subject: Re: Regarding Hardware configuration for HBase cluster


What about high density storage servers that has capacity of up to 24
drives. There were also some recommendations in few blogs about having 1
core per disk.

1TB disks have slight price difference compared to 600 GB. With
negotiations it'll be as low as 50$. Also price difference between 8 core
and 12 core processors is very less, 200-300$.

Do you think having 20-24 cores and 24 1TB disks will also be an option?


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