I'm generating key with SHA1, as it's a hex representation after generating
the keys, I use Hex.decode to save memory since I could store them in half

I have a MapReduce process which deletes some of these keys, the problem
it's that it's that when I try to delete them, but I don't get it. If I
don't do the parse to Hex, it works.

So, For example, I put the keys in SHA like
b343664e210e7a7abff3625a005e65e2b0d4616 works, but if I parse this key with
Hex.decode to *\xB3CfN!\x0Ezz\xBF\xF3bZ\x00^e\xE2\xB0\ *column=l:dd,
timestamp=1384317115000 .... it doesn't.

I have been checked the code a lot but I think it's right, plus, if I
comments the decode to Hex it works.

Any clue about it? is there any problem with I am trying to??

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