@Ryan & Jon - thanks again for pursuing this - I think it'll be a big

IMHO, it'd be good to add a Requirements section to the doc. If the current
Phoenix type system meets those requirements, then why not just go with

I think we need a binary serialization spec that includes compound keys in
the row key plus all the SQL primitive data types that we want to support
(minimally all the SQL types that Phoenix currently supports).

@Nick - I like the abstraction of the DataType, but that doesn't solve the
problem for non Java usage. I'm also a bit worried that it might become a
bottleneck for implementors of the serialization spec as there are many
different platform specific operations that will likely be done on the row
key. We can try to get everything necessary in the DataType interface, but
I suspect that implementors will need to go under-the-covers at times
(rather than waiting for another release of the module that defines the
DataType interface) - might become a bottleneck.

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